Things that go bump in the night

Aug 24th, 2015

Creepy Crawly - www.bryanbabich.com

This was the concept that started the entire series of things that go bump in the night.  There are many terrifying things that lurk in the dark, there are times when the mind enhances those fears and can certainly project them in a very intense and real way.  The inspiration for this piece is from being woken up in the middle of the night many times over the years where both fear and the imagination have made one believe that bugs are crawling all over the walls and about to descend upon oneself.  Night terrors combined with arachnophobia create a spine chilling idea of creepy crawly spiders converging on ones body and devouring it.

At least those are the thoughts that are going through my mind as I watch my wife jump and run from our bed convinced that a large spider is in the upper corner of our bedroom.


Butterfly - www.bryanbabich.com

Nighttime is not always about fear, dreams can make the evening so magical.  I have always had this vivid image of a person lying on the ground or in the bed and then they were suddenly being carried up into the air.  Typically butterflies symbolize the connection to the afterlife, but I love this idea that they are carrying the subject off to another world, another plain, another state of being.


Specters at play - www.bryanbabich.com

Earlier in the series I had a poltergeist visiting the subject at night and it did not seem to be a pleasant specter, so I thought a little balance was in order and a more playful ghost image emerged.  The idea of sheets whipping around a subject both playfully but with great force was something fun to explore.


there's no place like home - www.bryanbabich.com

There is no place like home.  After having been traveling for a period of time for work I have woken up many times in a groggy state not quite remembering where I was or even what city I was in, but clearly I was not home.  The experience of waking up not knowing where you are is so disorienting and momentarily challenges your perception of reality.  Typically after a moment or two one realizes that they are in their hotel room in a particular city and it’s 4:00am and you can thankfully sleep for another two hours before you need to get up, but what would happen if the place you know you went to sleep in and the room that you woke up in were not the same?


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