There is something under my bed

Mar 17th, 2015

there is something under my bed

Have you ever had that feeling in the still silence of the night while you are lying in bed when you eyes open and become suddenly alert because you have this sense that you are being watched?  I have and regularly blame my overactive imagination for not just allowing me to fall back asleep; I lay there with the hairs on the back of my head starting to stand up while listening to the sound of fan blades cutting into the air.  Suddenly there is a noise from the opposite end of the house, of course there is a noise, probably the old refrigerator I keep promising to replace that has been in the house since the 80’s – long before we purchased the home – but now I am alert, very much awake and now I just need to walk around the house to investigate and slow the pace of the crazy ideas running through my head.

My feet hit the ground and a pair of hands grab my ankles, pull me under my bed, by heart is racing, I am yelling out for help and suddenly… I am lying in my bed again, the dawn is about to break and I am better off starting my morning at this point than returning to the nightmare of the monster under my bed.

This is a reoccurring dream from my childhood, I am sure others have had the same dream or while lying half awake in bed asking our parents to check the closet or inspect the underbelly of our bed to insure that there was nothing underneath it ready to crawl out in the middle of the night and strike its next victim.

These nightmares or memories follow us and while conceptualizing this image, those ideas were very much on my mind.  I wanted to create an image that allowed me to embrace that horror of a monster under the bed grabbing at the subject, the light from the open doorway trickling into the room.

To create the image I shot the components separately.  Arielle Moore, the subject, was shot in front of the bed and then our incredible makeup artist Ian Machine, who is also an exceptional model, was willing to slide under the bed and give me some very dramatic zombie hands.


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