Mar 31st, 2015

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Recently my wife showed me a quote and made me read over it a few times, it said “you are not required to attend every argument you are invited to.”

Every facet of my life has been a work in progress, so change for me is good, I embrace it instead of running to my comfort zone.  One area that I have challenged myself to change is that although I find conflict healthy – and when done appropriately constructive – maybe there are times when I need to just hold back and not engage.  When I saw this shot of Lux, it reflected some of these ideas and strangely enough as I progressed on the image I had a particular conflict I am working through in my life replaying in my mind.  For me the finished piece is about the turmoil and struggle going through my mind to not attend certain divisive conversations because in the end I really can’t change or influence the outcome, it is beyond me and my participation just adds noise… that does not make it any easier especially when those subjects concern family or friends.

How do you deal with conflict?