Mar 4th, 2015


awakening - www.bryanbabich.com

I am never just working on one project. I have a lot of projects going on at various stages of completion, it has been my nature for as long as I can remember.  I am one of those crazy creative types – and crazy workaholic types – that will have a shoot completed, one planned, four conceptualized, client communications, touching base with galleries for potential shows and prop pieces being made for a shoot or my collection and a half dozen other ideas I am working on.  It is insane and somehow I keep track of it reasonably well.

These portraits with LuxBot Lächeln are my way of playing with some dark abstract ideas I have stuck in my head in between or sometimes during the work on Things That Go Bump In The Night.  One of the things I have been getting better at over the past few months is stepping away and working briefly on something else to help keep my mind thinking through ideas and not getting stuck on them.

With that said, one night late last week I sat down to write an email to a costume designer about something I am thinking about for a future shoot before heading to bed and the raw image of LuxBot was open in Photoshop. I had already pulled over a few adjustment layers from another image for experimentation and I started to lean in a little closer – this is a dangerous sign for me.  I squinted at the image a few times – which is a frequent thing of mine – and decided to make a few minor adjustments to the image.  Four hours and forty-five minutes later I found myself still in front of the computer, the email I had intended on writing before bed still not finished – oh hell, let’s be honest, it wasn’t even started –  however this image was close to completion.  Two nights later I came back to the image to complete some finishing touches.