Photo by Robert Jewett

The images I create are an embodiment of the fantastical and hyper realistic imagery of my imagination. Always having been captivated by the visual narrative process, photography evolved into the best means for me to bring my vivid ideas to life. I create what I see when I close my eyes, with all of the characters I want to meet and the places I am fascinated to see. Although many of my images have an otherworldly sense to them, I often try to ground the images with elements of reality to allow the mind the opportunity to question if the impossible could be possible. Often my work presents a conflict between light and dark, and my infatuation with the contention inspires me to create my own visual narrative.

Finding beauty in what is not conventionally considered to be beautiful compels me to create the pieces I work on. Exploring my own darkness and embracing uneasy elements inspire and provoke an ongoing artistic journey. Balancing the unsettling atmosphere of a dark space with a whimsical element, or the softness of the female form, provides the opportunity to find beauty in the unconventional. Perseverance and grace are recurring themes as well as life and death and the space between the dream world and reality.

Inspired by film and cinematic elements, I seek to create images that take the viewer to another world. By creating props, and often an entire environment, I desire to present a complete world beyond the frame in which the characters live. Each image is completely conceptualized and carefully planned as a written narrative, or drawings in a notebook before the photoshoot, creating an intentional creative process. The complete narrative process, understanding the larger story, props and wardrobe are the foundation of the visual storytelling; the camera and computer are the tools that capture and allow the things of dreams and imagination to awaken.

I am currently living and working in Phoenix, Arizona.